What to Know About SculpSure Fat Removal

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a noninvasive approach to fat removal that's approved by the FDA to treat fat deposits in the belly and flanks, two of the most problematic areas for both men and women. The SculpSure system uses lasers to reach deeper layers of resistance fat, breaking down fat cell walls so it can be transported out of the area by the body's natural waste disposal processes. SculpSure uses no incisions, there's no need for anesthesia and it's performed on an outpatient basis so patients can return to their regular routines after treatment. Each 25-minute procedure can destroy up to 24% of treated fat cells without surgery.

What happens during a SculpSure treatment session?

SculpSure treatments take about a half hour or less to complete. The doctor uses a handheld device that's passed over the surface of the skin just above the treatment area. The device emits laser energy adjusted to target layers of fat while leaving other tissues unharmed. Most patients find the treatment causes a mild tingling sensation in the treatment area as the energy targets the fat deposits.

When will I see results?

In most cases, initial results of treatment can be seen in about six weeks after the fat cell debris has been removed by the body. Continued improvements will develop until maximum results are achieved at about three months after treatment.

How long do SculpSure results last?

SculpSure results are permanent. The technique destroys and removes fat cells so they can no longer “plump up.” Eating a healthy diet and remaining physically active afterward will help ensure surrounding areas also stay slim and trim.

Is SculpSure the same as liposuction?

No. Liposuction is a surgical technique that uses incisions and anesthesia and involves significant downtime following treatment. Liposuction also causes tissue damage in the area surrounding the treatment zone which in turn can cause bleeding, bruising, significant swelling and pain, as well as increasing the risks of other complications. SculpSure is completely noninvasive, and the laser energy is very precise, which means results can be much more consistent and customized. Plus, there's no downtime and surrounding tissues are left unharmed.

If you are interested in how SculpSure can help you achieve your goals, make an appointment with your dermatologist today.

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